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Lone Star Music Magazine Album Review: Positive
The whole album finds Nelson as spry and clever as ever in both the wordplay and melody departments; there's really not a song on here that slips by without an indelible hook, line or chorus that doesn't stick on the first spin, and there’s a handful — most notably the hard-charging but wildly careening, batshit crazy "I Need a Line to the Underground" and the wise, sweetly optimistic "Are You Positive?" — that would be first-round picks for a future Beaver best-of. There's really no need for one of those, though, because like every record he's ever made, Positive holds its own from start to finish and only gets better and better on repeated listens. But in that spirit of positive thinking and boundless inventive energy he brandishes so well, here's hoping Nelson polishes off an even better one — or hell, maybe even a couple of 'em — before 2020.
By Richard Skanse, Lone Star Music Magazine, August 31, 2016

Go Knoxville Interview: For Beaver Nelson the song is always the only thing
On the writing process: "...but I think of it like what a liturgical singer does. You're repeating words over and over, so you're not just thinking, 'Are these words good?' You're also thinking, 'Do I want to say these words over and over?' Sometimes you catch yourself in the writing process and say, 'No, I don't!'"
By Wayne Bledsoe of the Knoxville News Sentinel, Friday, Septemnber 16, 2016

Houston Chronicle Interview: Beaver Nelson gives his fans open invitation to be 'Positive'
"Thematically, over the last two records, you're seeing the results of two different approaches," Nelson says. "Though they're different in dealing with a lot of the same subject matter, which is the stuff I'll never escape: time and the existentialist problems. But the last record was more philosophical and distanced. Not more clinical, but I'd say it was more interior and this one is more relational."
By Andrew Dansby, Houston Chronicle, September 14, 2016

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