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New album Positive coming soon. Go to Kickstarter to hear more and contribute your support!

Positive is being produced by Scrappy Jud Newcomb. Band members include Scrappy, Matt Eskey, Mark Patterson, Stephen Belans, Seela Misra, and myself. The majority of the recording was done by Gory Smelley in Marfa. Old friend Rich Brotherton did some of the recording, as well. Another old friend, George Reiff, is handling the mixing.


Wednesday March 16th
ComboPlate Roster Party – Caritas benefit
Beaver and band: 3:00-3:30pm
1412 South Congress Ave., Austin, TX

Thursday March 17th
Beaver and band: 2:00-2:40pm
Lucy's Fried Chicken
2218 College Ave, Austin, TX

Saturday March 19th
Beaver: 1:45-2:00pm
The Hole in the Wall
2538 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX

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The Last Hurrah Little Brother Undisturbed Legends of the Superheroes Motion Exciting Opportunity Macro/Micro CD Macro/Micro DVD

Beaver Nelson: Macro/Micro CD Review
By Steven Spoerl, PopMatters, 10 September 2012
Beaver Nelson's Macro/Micro is one of the most intriguing releases I've had the pleasure of coming across this year. Not only because he's cultivated his own unique sense of songwriting, but because of his visual sensibility as well, which is offered in a film accompaniment to Macro/Micro. Read more.

An interview with Beaver Nelson, who plays the Beachland on Monday
By Jeff Niesel, 2012 Cleveland Scene Magazine, August 2012 Macro/Micro Review
By Greg Ellis,, August 2012
It's the reach and ambition of the project, combined with Nelson's songwriting gifts and the stellar playing from Newcomb and all the others, that makes Macro/Micro such a success. At a time when his contemporaries search for a way to squeeze pennies out of the Internet one song at a time, Nelson has delivered a sprawling masterpiece that demands to be taken as a whole, a true contract between artist and listener. Do yourself a favor and jump on for the ride. Read more.

Beaver Nelson brings 'Macro/Micro' to The Village Idiot
By Mike Bauman, Toledo Newspaper, August 2012, Macro/Micro Review
By Brian Robbins,, August 2012
...And you will lug it around: there are bits and pieces of Macro/Micro that'll stick with you hooks and riffs and words and phrases that'll be triggered by what happens later today and tonight and tomorrow. Life's like that. And Macro/Micro is a weird and wonderful slice of life. Read more.

Beaver Nelson—Things Come Together
The Texas songwriter returns and releases a multidimensional masterpiece.
By Gabe Vodicka, Flagpole, Wednesday, July 11, 2012
The man knows growth and change. Behind Macro/Micro and its accompanying live show is a shamanistic mission to uncover the unavoidable hypocrisy endemic to humankind and a call that we all strive for clearer focus. Read more.

Texas Platters, Macro/Micro Review
By Jim Caligiuri, Austin Chronicle, July 6, 2012
Beaver Nelson tries the multimedia approach and succeeds wildly. Macro/Micro is available both as a CD and DVD, and as such can be one long suite of songs or a nearly hour-long music video. Either way, it's Nelson's most daring work, retaining his trademark roots jangle, but also gathering moments of psychedelic intensity and chilling isolation. 4 stars. Read more.

Riverfront Times, Macro/Micro Review
By Roy Kasten, Riverfront Times, Aug 9, 2012
This year's sprawling Macro/Micro splices together strange instrumental interludes with pungent power-pop anthems and brainy homages to the subconscious, which always does the dirty work for a sneaky songwriter like Nelson. He's prolific, charming and stubbornly faithful to his rock and folk muses. Read more.

YNN Video: Backstage Pass: Beaver Nelson releases new CD-film project
By Andy Langer, Your News Now (YNN) Austin, June 22, 2012
Learn more about the creative process that went into the album in this edition of "Backstage Pass."

Review: 'Macro/Micro,' Beaver Nelson
By Jim Beal Jr., San Antonio Express News, June 2012
Though there's a lot going on in most of the songs, all penned by Nelson, the words still rule the project. Songs such as "We'll Be Here When You Need Us," "Natural Man Does Not Exist," "Your Subconscious Does the Dirty Work" and "Love for the Pain" are driven as much by the lyrics as by the music. And those lyrics are clever, the kind that might challenge, but never bore, careful listeners. Read more.

Review: Beaver Nelson, Macro/Micro (Freedom)
By William Michael Smith, Houston Press Blog, June 2012
Beaver has always been all over the place, and this is a beautiful 18-track mess of an album, more of a rocker than expected. Nelson has always been one of the coolest creatives hanging around the fringes of the Austin scene, and his freak flag is really flying on this one. Read more.

Beaver Nelson: The big and the small of it
Andrew Dansby, © Houston Chronicle, May, 2012e
For nearly two decades, Beaver Nelson went about his work as a singer-songwriter is wont to do: He'd write songs, put together about a dozen of them, then make a record and play some shows. His new project is "Macro/Micro," which arrives five years after his previous record. "Macro/Micro" isn't exactly a new set of a dozen songs. It's a sprawling, philosophical, funny and rocking thing, a concept album minus spaceships with an accompanying video that runs the length of the recording. Nelson's longtime guitarist Scrappy Jud Newcomb likely came up with the best description for the album: It sounds like "Quadrophenia" as written by Townes Van Zandt. Read more.

Singer-songwriter presents new album, film with tour
By Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

Beaver Nelson hits both stage and screen
Lindsay Marshall,, July 2012

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Jeff McCord, Texas Monthly, June 2007

Beaver Nelson is a singer/songwriter/house painter
Making music may not be Beaver Nelson's only job, but he's committed to it full time
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