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"I'm pretty obsessed with the notion of time," Beaver Nelson once told Rolling Stone magazine. Quite a bit of time has passed since that conversation and during that period much has happened. A lot of recordings, a family, a business and many, many songs. Chances are if you know Beaver's name, you probably connect it with songwriting. He's been writing songs and releasing them for the last twenty-five years. His latest album is Positive and if you are one of those people who has heard Beaver's name over the years and wondered why, this is perhaps the collection of songs you should start with. It's a summation without being nostalgic, it's stylistically varied without being forced and it's as current as last week as well as having one foot in those hazy and glorious days of the last millennium known as Austin's roots rock scene.
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Elmore Magazine Album Revew: Beaver Nelson, Positive
"Beaver Nelson takes his time between albums so each is rather special. This is deftly well crafted and worthy of repeated listens."
By Jim Hynes, Elmore Magazine, August 26, 2016

Austin360 On The Record: Beaver Nelson, Positive
"He coaxes out raw, rough-and-tumble sounds from 10 original songs, plus a long-overdue cover of Little Steven’s "Men Without Women" that has often sparked Nelson's live shows since the early '90s."
By Peter Blackstock, Austin360, August 26, 2016

Department of Tangents Album Review: New Release Roundup
"The songs [Positive] tell a story together, of reflection and kindness, respect for independence, and passing down a sense of adventure and lightheartedness on to future generations. When I listen to this music in the context of the screaming voices on TV and the frantic all-caps on social media during this election season, I can’t help but find comfort in the words. Just hope enough people sing along."
By Nick Zaino, Department of Tangents, August 19, 2016

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